Language of prestige, English is the first foreign language on which more emphasis is laid in Burkina Faso, French being the official language.

In our today’s globalized world, we resort to English in our business oral and written communication. Then, to cope with the new trends in our economy.

For decades and up to today, English has been synonym with large communication, good opportunities, development, and inter-culturalism. That is what makes the language particularly powerful, enjoyable and enviable.

As a matter of fact, some competence in English is required for some specific posts in international positions, mining sector, embassies, NGOs, English being the only one or one of the working languages in those workplaces. So it is not surprising to see in job announcements related to these organizations some essential requirements stated as follows:  “fluency in written and spoken English”, “ability to work effectively in English both verbal and written”   “ability to work in both English and French”.

Coming back to the mining sector, do you think one can become a French-English bilingual senior technician in Geology without crossing the border?

The answer is YES!

Can one get trained, become a reference in the geological / mining sector, and make the difference in perfectly serving his / her company in both English and French environment?

The answer is YES of course, and the channel is the English section of I.TTG.O .

Join I.TTG.O, get trained as a senior technician in geology, learn English, improve your English, become English with I.TTG.O!